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“I see you.”

The Earth shifted in that moment; it must have. Because there was no other plausible explanation for why I lost my footing and almost fell straight to the floor. Walker broke eye contact with me and finished his endearing back-and-forth with the crowd, but my mind was reeling.

“What the fuck, Myers?” my best friend shouted, calling me by my last name.

I shrugged. It was all I could muster at the moment because I couldn’t stop thinking about the way Walker had said, “I see you.” It wasn’t creepy, like the way a stalker would say it, but it had the same intensity.


Not stalker intensity. It was simply intense. I shared an intense personal moment with one of the world’s biggest music gods right now. As much as I wanted to hate everything about it, I reveled in the moment. So what if I worked for a talent agency and saw celebrities every day. This was completely and utterly different.

A tap on my shoulder interrupted my reverie and I turned in that direction, only to be faced with a twenty-something-year-old girl wearing next to nothing. “Do you know him?” she asked, her clearly collagen-plumped lips puckered like she just ate something sour.

“What?” I yelled at her over the screaming surrounding us. Taking in her tiny, barely clothed frame and the ridiculous amount of makeup painted on her face, I stopped myself from rolling my eyes.

“Do you know him? Why was he talking to you? Why does he keep staring at you?” The girl’s voice was irritated and bitchy. Clearly, she hadn’t dressed this way to not be noticed by Walker herself.

“I don’t know him, sorry,” I answered politely before turning away from her.

Still rattled by my interaction with the famous singer, I found myself wondering why he had focused so much of his attention on me. 

Walker sat on one of the stage steps, his chin in his hand as he spoke to the screaming crowd. “I need a volunteer for this next part.” His head raised slowly, his eyes scanning the crowd, as if looking only for me.

★★★★★ It's safe to say that anything J. Sterling writes is going to be great and Seeing Stars is no exception!! From the friendships to the relationships, I fell in love with the characters. Walker is the alpha male celebrity that every girl fantasizes about. Underneath that rock star exterior, he's the man of every girls dreams; sweet. lovable. charming. - Kristen, reviewer

Continue reading Seeing Stars if you like: 
  • Celebrity Romance 
  • Second chance romances
  • Being pursued
  • Famous guy with non famous girl
★★★★★ A truly perfect love story that captures your heart after only a few pages. Well written characters, lots of emotion and of course the elusive Walker Rhodes *sigh*

Miss Sterling continues to bring us wonderful stories, ones we can relate too and ones we pine over. I wouldn't be surprised if this story got snatched up and made into a movie. - Ashleigh



HAPPY ENDING (not available in audio)
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