Don't Marry Him

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When love is all you have, how do you protect it from those who want to take it from you?

I've loved Dove Tryst my whole life. Best friends since childhood, I always knew that we'd end up together. I never thought that anything, or anyone, could tear us apart. Even when we hated eachother, our love remained.

But now, she's engaged to my enemy and I'm trying to figure out where it all went wrong. And how.

She's days away from walking down the aisle toward a man who isn't me and she refuses to tell me why. But Dove has asked me one very important thing... to object at the wedding.

I know what I have to do, but my actions will come with consequences that would break most men. Good thing I'm not most men. That woman owns my heart and I'll do whatever it takes to protect her.

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